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“When life gives lemon, make lemonade”

Our three-year-old son Sanket was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in 2003; he had speech, motor and cognitive delays. As parents, the long wait to see him learn basic skills was difficult, but with  faith and resilience we knew he  would eventually learn and flourish in his differences. When we felt like giving up, the support of family, teachers, friends, therapists, and doctors gave us hope that he would have a bright future. 

Sanket works hard to overcome the  challenges that come with his diagnosis of Autism. We are very proud and blessed to have him in our lives. Sanket showcases his strengths, and challenges to those who view his diagnosis as a weakness. He inspires us everyday and has taught us so much about innocence, humility, and living life with a smile.   

Sanket was constantly improving, yet the clock was still winning; time was moving faster than we expected, and soon we were celebrating Sanket’s 18th birthday. This milestone is exhilarating for every parent as their child transitions into adulthood. Many parents wonder what their child’s future will look like, and it was the same for us. 

We began to question: Will employers view his differences as obstacles or strengths? How can we be sure his work environment will be safe, inclusive, and adaptive to his needs?   How will our son and others like him earn their livelihood in this challenging and competitive world? These questions seemed impossible to answer, but we realized that we may not be the only parents with these questions. To answer these questions the idea for Unified Spectrum Inc. was born .

Our non-profit organization "Unified Spectrum Inc." launched in 2020 with a mission to create career opportunities for the neuro-diverse population, and to provide an inclusive, adaptive, and diverse workplace that embraces their unlimited potential and strength. Unified Spectrum Inc. will make this possible by providing work that is fun, creative, and tailored to each adult's skills and interests. We are committed to employ adults with special needs. They will create customized products for you as they learn all about the consumer -producer supply chain.

Your purchase will help them develop/improve their motor skills, vocational skills, ability to follow directions, and organization. In this process they will build self-esteem, confidence, long lasting friendships. With your support we hope to grow into more innovative PERSONALIZED products over time.  Consider us for your future needs and help us make this world more inclusive. We can only achieve our mission with your help! 


“ Lets Make Our Dream Your Dream Today!”

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